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Know what happens at your home right now

you can easily check the status of your home with the practical smartphone app - anytime and anywhere. Worldwide free of charge.

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the PLUS in security

you will be alarmed immediately with push notifications as soon as any disturbances occure

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easy installation in only 2 minutes

just install the app, scan the QR code of the sensor and you can comfortably view all data in real time on your smartphone

NEW: Mobile Alerts REST API



For direct access to some of our cloud services, we provide an REST API.
This allows access to the last measured value of a sensor stored in the cloud.

The REST API is available for the MA10120 (ID 01), MA10650 (ID 08), MA10320 (ID 09), MA10660 (ID 0B), MA10241 (ID 0E) sensor types.
A description and download of the REST API can be found here.


Mobile-Alerts at Conrad Connect



The future of home-monitoring meets the internet of things
Two great systems can only become even more valuable by working together. Explore the innovative combination of intelligent home monitoring and flexible networking, which gives you even more freedom, control and safety in your everyday life.

Explore the facination of Conrad Connect
Interconnecting smart devices means taking “things” beyond their ordinary range of day-to-day use, thereby unlocking an entire range of new opportunities in the process. These days, many products are internet-enabled, however, with their interconnectivity being mostly limited to their product category.

Conrad Connect is an innovative approach of trying to push system boundaries like these, acting as a platform for making data collected by smart devices from across a variety of product categories freely available. In this context, products continue to be used according to specs (e. g. are still controlled by apps provided by manufacturers), however, the data collected or generated by these devices during their everyday tasks are also accessible to other products. This enables devices to connect and interact across system boundaries, opening up a whole new world of opportunities in the process!

Conrad Connect is currently in beta status. You are cordially invited to join us in the development of this service.

The sensors ID01 (MA10120), ID02 (MA10100, MA10101), ID03 (MA10200, MA10250), ID08 (MA10650), ID09 (MA10320), ID0B (MA10660) and ID0E (MA10241) are currently supporting the usage with Conrad Connect. The usage with other sensors is in planning.

Test it now: Mobile Alerts with Conrad Connect
Together, the ever-growing systems of Mobile Alerts and Conrad Connect offer you even more possibilities. Experience how easy it is to connect and overlook your daily life. Therefore, adjust the technology to your lives and take advantage of more freedom and control. Give your worries about home and possessions no chance, because everything could be controlled by a simply look at your smartphone.

Adding products is totally straightforward

Conrad Connect already supports a lot of products, with numbers steadily increasing. Setting up a data link is a piece of cake: all you need is your product account information. What’s more, you don’t need any physical items to use Conrad Connect as the platform works equally well with a range of internet-based service providers!

Design your own dashboard
Looking for a way to display the details of all your items on one page? Want to choose your very own page layout, formats, colours and product arrangements in the process? No prob. That’s why we came up with customisable dashboards!

Select the way you get notified
Do you want to receive notifications per email? On Twitter? Via push or text message? Once a day? Twice? On weekends only? Or solely in the case that there happens to be heavy snowfall on March 13 just before sunrise, and that the average temperature reading for the month has been reaching 11 degree Celsius, but only if you’ve already been able to jog a total of 35 miles that month...? The possibilities are endless.

Interconnecting products across system boundaries
That’s really clever: a GUI tool allows you to define a set of infinitely complex „rules“ that interconnect products and services by different manufacturers and internet-based service providers! Test it now - !

Know what’s happening at your home right now

MOBILE ALERTS is a sensor-based home-monitoring system, which can be expanded in many different ways. The installation can easily be done within 2 minutes and the usage is worldwide free of charge. Is the fridge set cold enough? Should the plants be watered? Can I leave the washing machine running unattended? All these questions can now be answered by the MOBILE ALERTS Home-Monitoring-System in one practical app for IOS and Android in combination with different radio-controlled sensors for your home. The wireless sensors along with the internet connection via gateway can provide you with all information about your home worldwide via smartphone and MOBILE ALERTS. Push messages will inform you as soon as disturbances are occurring and therefore will help you to act in time to prevent greater damage.

System overview

The easy installation within 2 minutes allows every user to get home-monitoring at all times within just 4 quick steps

Download the MOBILE ALERTS app for free in the AppStore. The app is ready immediately after installation thanks to Plug&Play. A personal registration is not required. Connect the gateway to the power adapter and your router, then insert batteries into the selected wireless sensors. Open the app, scan the QR codes of the wireless sensors and you can retrieve all the data recorded with your smartphone and check the current status of your home - anytime, from anywhere, worldwide, free of charge.

The self-explanatory graphical user interface of the app can be operated intuitively and can be customized to suit your needs. Insert for an own name for each wireless sensor and set up specific alarm limits. The wireless sensors report the fault immediately to your smartphone when the alarm limits are exceeded and thus provide the security-PLUS.





The MOBILE ALERTS Starter Kit consisting of a gateway and a temperature sensor can be extended with many other wireless sensors. In addition to temperature, additional data about humidity, water temperature, water leakage and the moisture balance of plant can be provided. Other useful wireless sensors and combined sets are already being planned.


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