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Start Set

Gateway + Temperature sensor

can be expanded with many other wireless sensors

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Is the fridge set cold enough?

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Must the plants be watered?

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Is water leaking from the washing machine?

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Are the fish doing well in the aquarium?

Description of the gateway

MOBILE ALERTS is a sensor-based home-monitoring-system, which can be expanded individually. In addition to the sensor-cloud, the gateway is the central system of MOBILE ALERTS. It connects your sensors with the sensor-cloud. Below you will find some explanations to the gateway.  


Connection to the sensor cloud

Connect the gateway with the AC/DC adapter to the power supply. Then connect the gateway and router with the LAN cable. After about 10 seconds the gateway is ready for operation, the LED lights up permanently.


Green LED

The green LED signals different operating states of the gateway:
A single flash of the LED means that the router is turned off or that no LAN connection exists. Two times a flash of the LED means that the gateway waits for the assignment to the IP address. Three times a flash of the LED means that the gateway waits for the DNS server for name resolution. Four times a flash of the LED means that the unit is waiting for the time, which is transmitted from the cloud server.
If both LEDs flash alternately, the flash memory is searched for data.



The red LED flashes briefly when switching on and while communicating with the sensors.


Gateway button

All data stored in Flash are immediately transmitted to the server when this button is pressed. If simple sensors are used, they do not send with priority but the data will be stored until the end of a 7-minute interval.