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Start Set

Gateway + Temperature sensor

can be expanded with many other wireless sensors

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Is the fridge set cold enough?

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Must the plants be watered?

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Is water leaking from the washing machine?

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Are the fish doing well in the aquarium?


The easy installation in just 2 minutes allows any user home monitoring at all times in just 4 steps.

Download the MOBILE ALERTS app for free in the appstore. This is usable immediately after installation, because of Plug&Play. A personal registration is not required. Connect the gateway to the AC adapter and your router, then insert the batteries in the selected wireless sensor. Open the app, scan the QR codes in wireless sensors and you retrieve all the data collected with your smartphone and check the current status of your home - at any time, from anywhere, worldwide, free of charge.


Downloading of the app

Download the "Mobile Alerts" app from the Apple Appstore or from the Google Playstore.


Connecting the gateway

Connect the gateway with the adapter to the power supply, then connect the router and gateway with the LAN cable. After about 10 seconds the gateway is ready for operation, the LED remains lit in green.


Inserting of the batteries

Insert the batteries in the wireless sensor (Pay attention to the correct polarity). The sensor sends measurements several times immediately and then every 7 minutes.


Scanning of the QR code

Open the App. In the overview, the sensor "Hannover" is for testing only and can be deleted at any time. Tap the "Add new sensor" in order to scan the QR code on the back of the sensor with your smart phone.