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Indoor climate station

Measurements on temperature and humidity,
as well as a graphical indoor climate history...

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Indoor climate station

Ventilation recommendation by connection to an
external sensor (ID03) reduces the risk of mold!

Proper ventilation prevents mold


There is wrong ventilation in countless households every day, which may strongly affect the growth of mold. Mold can result not only in material damage and stress between tenants and landlords, but also in mild to severe health problems. However, mold is not only a toxic and dangerous risk, far more it is an avoidable problem that can be avoided through proper ventilation. But what is properly ventilated? The MA 10230 indoor climate station can answer these and many other questions, whether at home, on vacation, at work or on the road.  


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Many risks require a flexible solution

It is not enough to have constantly tilted windows or ventilate by using gut instincts. Each room carries through use certain risk factors that must be considered before ventilation. A direct and appropriate response is necessary, for example in the following areas:

  • Bathroom, especially after a shower / a bath, there can be much humidity in the room.
  • Kitchen, especially after cooking and washing dishes, there can be a lot of moisture in the room.
  • Living room will obtain a regular amount of moisture everyday, for example by houseplants.
  • Bedrooms are burdened by humidity more often in the night time.
  • Cellars are often colder, so the moisture may condense on the walls themselves. Poor sealing of the basement walls may lead to increased moisture.
  • After renovations, there may be particularly high humidity.
  • In new rooms, there can be building moisture.

The MA 10230 indoor climate station detects when it is time to open the window for ventilation or when to close again and alerts you automatically and directly to your smartphone with a respective notification. This way, you not only effectively prevent the risk of mold, but also save yourself regularly unnecessary heating and energy costs through appropriate and efficient ventilation. In addition, the indoor climate station can be paired with one of the following transmitter to increase the effectiveness even further:

  • MA10200
  • MA10250

Note: the transmitter for the additional operation are available separately


Mobile Alerts app

Note: for the operation of the MA 10230 indoor climate station on the Mobile Alerts app a gateway is also required! A gateway is e.g. included in starter set MA 10001.

The Mobile Alerts app enables data acquisition to a respective history, as well as the representation of extensive graphic on your smartphone.

Different alarms can be set for each of the individual Mobile Alerts sensors. Would you like to get a push notification when the temperature or the humidity falls below a certain level, rise beyond a certain level or reach a specific range of values? This and much more is possible with the MA 10230 indoor climate station of Technoline.




The installation of the sensors and the app is quick and possible without registration. Only an Internet connection is required to permanently use the Indoor Climate Station free of charge through the App. After only a few minutes you can already retrieve your weather center data worldwide on your smart phone.


Just try Mobile Alerts

All functions, many different test sensors and even an Internet weather station are available free of charge and without obligation. Discover the advantages of home monitoring system and the ease of use of the Mobile Alerts application, which can be downloaded quickly. After only a few minutes you can evaluate the first values and graphics, or you can export the values from our test sensors to your system. Experience just how easy it is to install the system, to retrieve data and let yourself get inspired today by the wide range of functions.




Note for Android user: The Android app with the support of Internet Weather Center will be available from 10/25/2015.  




Indoor climate station (MA10230)


Temperature measuring range: -9.9°C to +59,9°C
Accuracy: +/- 0.8 °C
Humidity measuring range: 1% to 99% rF
Accuracy: +/- 3% rF
Transmission frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission range: 100m (open area)
Power supply: 2 x Micro (LR03, AAA) Alkaline


Buy the indoor climate control station MA10230 at unbeatable special price of 29.99 EUR at