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Weather station

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Weather station

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Start set

Also available as a set with gateway

Weather station MA 10410


Temperature and humidity are essential factors in the daily life of all people. Do I need to free my car of ice early in the morning? Is there a risk of mold due to high humidity? Are the environmental conditions suitable in the conservatory or greenhouse? These and many other questions can now be answered quickly and easily with the MA 10410 weather station, whether on vacation, at work or on the road.

Now you can buy the Weather Station MA10410 for the unbeatably low special price of 60.00 EUR at


Areas of application

The MA 10410 weather station can be used in many areas of daily life, such as e.g .:

  • Temperature monitoring / heating monitoring
  • Monitoring of mold growth and humidity
  • Monitoring of refrigerators and freezers
  • Monitoring of greenhouses and conservatories


Mobile Alerts app

Note: for operating the MA 10410 weather station on the Mobile Alerts App a gateway is also required!

The Mobile Alerts app enables data acquisition with an appropriate history, as well as the presentation of an extensive graphic on your smart phone.

Many different alarms can be set for each of the individual sensors. Would you like to get a push notification when the temperature or the humidity falls below a certain value, exceed a certain value or reach a specific range of values? With the MA 10410 weather station of Technoline all this and much more is possible.




The installation of the sensors and the app is quick and possible without registration. Only an Internet connection is required to permanently use the weather station free of charge through the App. After only a few minutes you can already retrieve the data of your sensors worldwide on your smart phone.


Just try Mobile Alerts

All functions, many different test sensors and even an Internet weather station are available free of charge and without obligation. Discover the advantages of home monitoring system and the ease of use of the Mobile Alerts application, which can be downloaded quickly. After only a few minutes you can evaluate the first values and graphics, or you can export the values from our test sensors to your system. Experience just how easy it is to install the system, to retrieve data and let yourself get inspired today by the wide range of functions.




Note for Android user: The Android app with the support of Internet Weather Center will be available from 10/25/2015.  




Weather station with outdoor sensor (MA10410)



Sensor TX45TH-IT

Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 128mm
Batteries : 2x Mignon (LR06, AA)
Measuring interval: 2 minutes
Transmission range: 100m (open area)


Station MA10410

Dimensions: 171 x 28 x 127mm
Batteries: 3x Micro (LR03, AAA) Alkaline
Battery duration: appr. 2 years
Measuring range temperature indoors: -9.9°C to + 59.9°C
Accuracy: 0,1°C
Measuring range humidity indoors: 20% to + 95%
Accuracy: 1%
Measuring range temperature outdoors: -39.9°C to + 59.9°C
Accuracy: 0,1°C
Measuring range humidity outdoors: 1% to + 99%
Accuracy: 1%
Measuring interval: 6 minutes
Transmission range: 100m (open area)


Now you can buy the Weather Station MA10410 for the unbeatably low special price of 60.00 EUR at


Also available as start set with gateway: MA 10006


Start set (MA 10006)

Start set consists of

1x Gateway MA10000
1x Weather station MA10410 with associated sensor TX45TH-IT

Free of charge app for smart phone (Apple from iOS 7.0 / Android from 3.2)



The gateway is the link between your sensors and sensor cloud; it is responsible to reliably transmit the measurement of data from the sensors to the sensor cloud. So that you can view the measurement data from the sensors on your smart phone, the measured data must be stored in the sensor cloud. In addition, the gateway accepts a cache function in the event that even your internet connection should not be available. A working internet connection is essential for the operation of the gateway.




Specifications - Gateway MA10000

Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 103mm
Power: AC/DC adapter (included)
LAN cable for connection with the router (included)

Receiving frequency: 868 MHz

 Now you can buy the Start set MA10006 for 96,95 EUR at